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    Apparel Manufacturing and Private Label Programs.

    What do we offer our private label clients?

    Services and Capabilities
    • Sampling and Product Development
    • In house marking, grading and cutting
      • We make the markers based off the actual cuttable width of the fabric not the manufacturer's spec.
        • This is crucial because you will always have lower fabric yields and waste.
    • Sewing
      • All types of wovens (tops, bottoms, outerwear)
      • All types of knits (tops, bottoms, outerwear)
      • We use the same sewers that a lot of the bigger company's use and we are very picky about quality.
    • Embellishments
      • Screen printing
      • CMYK printing
      • Sublimation
      • Embroidery
    • Denim processing (wash, dye, distress, wax)
    • Garment Dye
      • Basic Dye (Cotton and Poly Cotton)
        • We stay away from dying poly fibers because the process is so intense that sometimes you risk destroying the fabric
      • Pigment Dye (Cotton and Poly Cotton)
      • All sorts specialty and unique dyes.
    • Fabric sourcing
      • Basics, performance and specialty knits
      • Wovens
        • Twill
        • Denim
        • Poplin
        • Chambrey
        • Flannel
      • Flat knit sweater knits and ribs
    • Trims Sourcing
    • Online order fulfillment and warehousing
      • B2C Orders
      • B2B Orders
      • EDI Orders

    If you have any questions please email us at info@jnscollective.com or call us at 213.226.6060 ext 8003



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