Pressing Vinyl in 60 Seconds.

April 26, 2016 1 min read


In today's highly digitalized society, we often see the compromise of quality as well as tangible items for the sake of technology. DJing, Scratch culture and vinyl are no anomalies to the phenomenon. Today, we see the advent of the superstar DJ ( Calvin Harris, Tiesto, & Kaskade) to name a few that don't even carry vinyl but perform all of their sets in Serrato and on a Mac.

It's a refreshing breath of fresh air to see a trend to the analog and real vinyl. There is no duplicate for the warm, fuzzy imperfect but yet so lovely sound of real vinyl. Here is a quick snippet from the largest Vinyl collective in the UK.

At the UK’s original pressing plant, requests come practically daily from people keen to visit and see the process for themselves. Its nearly impossible to invite everyone to the factory floor to see it first hand, but we can give you an up-close-and personal look at how records are pressed at The Vinyl Factory, following the process from start to finish in just 60 seconds.

From the metal work and galvanic processes that grow the stampers from which the records are pressed, to the iconic EMI presses that have produced some of the most important records in music history over the last fifty years, we’ve condensed the birth of a vinyl record into just one minute, an intimate snapshot of the craft behind one of the most intricate and complex processes in music.

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