April 14, 2016

Erik Johansson has a gift for photography that grows unparalled with each trying day. His ability to shoot a create images that depict a surrealistic fantasy world are second to none. Bringing a one of a kind imagination with true vision and perspective, Johansson is able to take ordinary situations and create dreamlike scenarios through a plethora of retouched and layered composites.

However, not all of Johansson's work is behind the computer. For a particular photograph titledImpact (pictured above), it took 17 square meters of mirror, a boat, and months of work to create the extraordinary final result. The majority of his dream quality creations begin as a simple sketch, before Johansson finds a location to match his vision and begins to collect hundreds of similarly lit photographs in the area. He then seamlessly merges theses shots, meticulously forming his characteristic multi-layered optical illusions.


How the Sound image was created! A great insight into the creative process.


The only thing that limits us is our imagination.

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