April 07, 2016

Art is often about the repurposing of ideas, rather than the new creation of them. In this day in age we live in an era where much already has been done, even Miles Davis said you can't reinvent the wheel, but you can do something original that still incites and inspires.

Artist C.J. Hendry is someone that has done the best realistic drawings of anyone today, but more inspiring than her technique is her vision and subject matter. Drawing upon the influence of High fashion as well as street culture, Hendry paints poignant images of pieces by Louis Vuitton re-imagined in her own satirical, insightful vision.

Here C.J purchased a pair of Nike Air Mag's, the iconic sneaker silhouette better known as the Marty Mcfly's in the classic Back to the Future series. They were then dipped in black paint to for the stirring visual drip which is capture by Henry in a painting as a frozen capture in time.

Art as an act of rebellion is best personified in C.J's work. why? Take the culture of sneaker and sneakerheads who view their collecting as a religion to even a point of a Biblical Nature. Nike's Irreverence Justified is a living statement to this. Not everyone can own a Pair of Nike Air Mag's, with a hefty $9,000 price tag its quite the statement to make. But destroying them? An act of blasphemy to the purest of all purists.

The process.


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