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    Seize and Desist Blog

    Kaytranada dances


    In a day an age where originality is continuously elusive and almost extant, Kaytranada manages to emerge his brand of soulful, house-rhythm production with nuanced hip hop references and a state of vibes. Here Kaytra is showing of a refreshing view of dance that interjects the youthful synergy of technology, robotics, dance and a fun time.

    For his latest album 99.9%, Kaytranada infuses his blend of rhythm, whimsy and heavily engineered beats to carry his vibe. For "Lite Spots", directed by Martin C Pariseau he builds a dancing robot in which he traverses the world. The man and the machine bust moves alongside strangers getting mixed results. They then visit a beach, relax at a barbershop.

    Painting with Gunpowder

    Often the means of medium and the courage to execute defines the Artwork over the technique itself. Danny Shervin takes the ultimate risk and shows stellar innovation in his Paint with Gunpowder session. 

    His medium of choice is gunpowder and acrylic paint. He is best known for his wildlife gunpowder paintings on canvas and wood. Each painting is one of a kind and takes hours upon hours to get each and every detail set in place before burning it at the very end.

    His work has been featured in the September/October 2015 issue of Mountain Living, at the Jackson Salon Show and Whodunnit at the Center for the Arts in Jackson Hole. He placed second at the Jackson Salon Show at the Center for the Arts in Jackson Hole.

    Parallel World

    Tokyo based architect Jan Vronovsky showcases his signature styling evoking monochrome vibes, smooth lines and geometrical shine. A feeling similar to La's Bates Motel is felt with this use of structure and singular variations of white and off white. Utilizing simplicity to evoke emotion with the contrasting natural surroundings is not a new technique, however it is unique in how Vronovsky is able to execute it.

    Born in Prague, Jan's cultural European heritage brings in a fusion of modern European design that harmonizes quite well with Japan's minimalist aesthetic. Photography, construction of man- made, synthetic, yet culturally significant places echo an homage to Japan, East Asia and surrounding areas. Jan's work focuses on capturing "lowest common denominator" type works-- typically cultural, socially neglected urban areas which carry the vernacular as well as architectural heritage of Japan. One of the great interests in Jan's work focuses on carrying the cultural as well as generational in Japanese heritage and identity and how they formulate in organizational processes throughout the city.






    Issey Miyake

    Issey Miyake is one of the icons of Japanese design applied to fashion and modernism. With simplicity, yet perfect execution he manages to execute his ideas devoid of superfluous notions.

    "Our idea was inspired by the simplicity of Issey Miyake’s clothes, expressed in particular through the images created by Irving Penn for Miyake’s collections in the ‘80s. In our film, we wanted to create a modern high-tech take of their approach, but keeping the spirit of these images created decades earlier. We wanted to strip the film back to the core essence: Clothes as a container and amplifier of the human body in movement."

    Simpsons Movie References

    The Simpsons movie references from Celia Gómez on Vimeo.

    Cinema can have a profound effect on its viewer,from the technique, and the way films are shot to the imagery, soundtracks and mood conveyed-- these all have a plethora of effects to captivate the audience. Art often draws upon references to pay tribute to an influence while capturing its own essence and flavor by adding its own twist to the inspiration. What better way to capture the history of modern as well as classic cinema than with the juxtaposition by one of the most iconic cartoons of all times-- The Simpsons? From Tom Cruise's effervescent, jubilant montage in Risky Business to the suspenseful, minimalist scenes from Psycho, these references best illustrate the gamut of cinema in an all encompassing plight.

    What were your favorite references?

    Simplicity reigns in a visceral, yet poignant films showcasing a varied sequence of repetitive tasks that serve to emphasize the routine of addiction, dependence and withdrawal in a drug abuser in Requiem for a Dream.

    Personality at its best.

    Villains can have duality as well, making them complex and varied versus being one dimensional. Great juxtaposition with Hannibal and Burns.



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